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Meet an unforgettable member with an incredible Y story - Cindy Coe, who believes the YMCA saved her life - twice.

Her story began on Mother’s Day, 2008, when a freak accident almost robbed her of her left leg.  After six weeks of hospitalization and lying in bed for months stuffed with powerful drugs, she worried about becoming addicted to pain medication and never being able to fully function again. What to do?

Cindy determined to make do with Tylenol.  But she still needed to recover from her accident, and learn to walk again.  Since her medical insurance for physical therapy had been exhausted, she sought exercise opportunities at the Y.  There, a terrific yoga instructor convinced her to try a class.

As Cindy was guided to a new level of competence by an excellent trainer, with a physical therapy background, she learned how to walk again.  Amazed at her rapid recovery, she sincerely believes the Y saved her both physically and mentally.

As a lady used to winning battles, Cindy has managed several businesses.  But a few years later, she found herself in need of another miracle.  The devastating loss of her beloved husband, Charlie, lead to a deep, lasting depression.

Then, in January of this year, along came her second life-saving YMCA connection. With the encouragement of her friends and family (including two daughters who are athletes) Cindy joined the YMCA’s pickleball program. She had found an activity with people like her, kind, supportive, and non-judgmental, and most importantly, a sense of belonging. Today, you can still find Cindy scurrying around pickleball courts, helping others.  You could say, the Y is still saving her today!

What’s your “Y Story?”

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